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We are a small church in Waskada, Manitoba, Canada.

As a church we are a group of people who worship God and strive to reflect His Character.

This means we strive to reflect Christ by being a community filled with love, healing, and forgiveness towards all.


Fellowship Community Church will help in the TRANSFORMATION of people through the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, through the love of GOD and the love of HIS people.

  1. Committed to being a prayer empowered congregation.         

  2. Committed to equipping every believer to grow into full ministry involvement and being passionate about the life of Christ. 

  3. Committed to being passionate about reaching the lost here and around the world.

  4. Committed to being a congregation of welcoming and caring relationships and maintaining unity of the Spirit.

  5. Committed to being Bible based in preaching, teaching and lifestyle.

  6. Committed to being relevant and creative to meet our community needs.

  7. Committed to the ministry of all age groups.

  8. Committed to being an area church.

  9. Committed to excellence.


We are a family church. That means we love getting together, and that ALL people are welcome to join us in glorifying Christ our Lord and Saviour.


Hi, I'm Glen Whetter. I am the pastor at FCC, and have been a pastor in the Goodlands and Waskada area for over 40 years. I am also a cattle farmer, dad, and proud grandpa. I grew up and still live in Dand.

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